Verkhnelensky Refinery

OOO "Verkhnelensky Refinery" is specialized in the petroleum production and processing of jet fuel, diesel fuel, Mazut Fuel Oil, and petroleum crude oil, is exported, mainly to markets in Europe and Asia countries. Jet fuel is directed to the domestic market and also for export. Low viscosity marine fuel will be used for bunkering vessels in Russian ports, diesel fuel - partly exported. Fuel oil, coke and petrochemical mixtures also go for export and domestic market. Load capacity production of petroleum products has increased from 2.5 million tons to 5.8 million tons from June 2009 to the third quarter of 2014 and will increase to 10.1 million tons in 2015, the annual project for the modernization of the refinery will cost five billion rubles. All and foreign invest mentors will receive a memo upon the completed project in just two and a half years. At a meeting with the management board of Ministry of Energy of the Russia Federation and president of OOO "Verkhnelensky Refinery" Mr. Semidelsky Dmitry Sergeevich, presented the project to expand the refinery capacity in the city of Irkutsk region OOO "Verkhnelensky Refinery", the conclusion of the modernization project presented will provide 400 additional jobs and an average of 43% of the budgets of all levels and increase the refining of crude oil to 95%

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24.01.2014 - Russia and the European Commission agreed on the principles of the group on the "South Stream"


26.06.2015 -  completed the construction of the second stage of raw material preparation unit bitumen plant. The construction of the main oil pipeline OOO "Verkhnelensky Refinery"  that will allow the plant to increase processing capacity to 4 million tons per year.

OOO "Verkhnelensky Refinery" is fully understood its responsibility before the society, living and future generations for environment preservation and protection.....

Control system of industrial safety, health and the provision of resources required for effective management of production......