Verkhnelensky Refinery

OOO "Verkhnelensky Refinery" is fully understood its responsibility before the society, living and future generations for environment preservation and protection at the territories performance on its activity. Rational use of natural resources, protection of health of the personnel and population in the regions of the Company presence are the most topical for the Company.


Striving to ensure stable and dynamic business development is based on the understanding that corporation production process is the guarantee of successfulness and competitiveness of OOO "Verkhnelensky Refinery". Environmental actions take an important place in annual investment plans of the Company.


OOO "Verkhnelensky Refinery" environmental activity is aimed at continuous enhancement of environmental and industrial safety of production and minimization of man-caused load to the environment in the course of hydrocarbons production and processing. To achieve the targets, the Company carries out the following actions:


  • production facilities upgrading; introduction of new advanced technologies, materials and equipment to ensure minimization of negative impact on the environment and simultaneous increase in production volumes;
  • enhancement of the quality of technical documentation preparation, compulsory expertise of all projects to determine the optimal options for their implementation in terms of industrial and environmental safety;
  • Continuous environmental monitoring of production facilities to obtain operative information about the status of the environment and degree of environmental impact.

In order to effectively attain the targets, the Company is constantly expanding the scale of its social programs and monitors the effectiveness of their implementation. As one of the leading Russian companies, OOO "Verkhnelensky Refinery" seeks not only to achieve high operating and financial results, but also make a significant contribution to the development and prosperity of the country.